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COVID-19 Testing for Students and Staff

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Pre-Ordering Your Senior Photo Package

1. Click this LINK
2. Once you get to the page, click “ONLINE SHOP” and then select “PRE-ORDERS/ONLINE PURCHASES” from the drop down menu
3. When prompted, enter the code “K760”
4. Next, enter your (valid) email address
5. Select which package you would like to purchase
6. Go to the cart and follow the instructions for payment

Congratulations to Katie Anderson as the new Assistant Principal at HPCS!!!! Ms. Anderson has been an exemplary member of our schools community supporting both students and parents and we are excited to continue our work together in this new role
HPCS Townhall 03.08.21 Slide Deck

Beginning Thursday, November 19, all school buildings will be closed

School Uniform
To order school uniforms please click the appropriate grade level for your scholar. All orders will be packaged and distributed at our school building. 100% remote students will receive a notification with a pick-up time to retrieve their items. Blended learning students will receive their uniforms in school. We will notify everyone of distribution days so that they can be prepared to arrive with the cash payment for their uniform items.