D.O.V.E. is a weekly sister circle for middle school girls that is a safe space for them to create bonds, gain a sense of self, and empower one another. This is achieved through discussions, community service, book club, weekend outings, “mom & me” projects, guest speaker sessions, and various activities.

D.O.V.E.’s purpose is to

  • Help our young women understand the importance of female bonds & their role as women
  • Create a culture of self-love/awareness and empowerment
  • Inspire young women to create goals and work towards them while being supportive of others
  • Diminish the negative attitudes young girls often have towards each other

These weekly meetings include a range of curriculum topics, such as individuality, friendship and peer pressure, expressed through bonding activities, arts projects and guided dialogue.
D.O.V.E. girls spend a day each week focusing on a specific theme or unit, often led by our female staff which includes workshops, career exploration activities and community service projects. During this time, our team learns about each girl’s personality, family life, talents, academic capabilities and just as importantly, establishes a relationship of trust. This personalized connection plays a critical role in girls’ lives and helps them to strive into adulthood.

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