Message to Families


She gives us hope that school can be a place where we all want to be.”


When my daughter, Nyree, was in middle school, I wanted her to be in a school that felt like home – for there to be people in the school that could help her with work and for her to have a trusted person to talk to when she was upset. I wanted a school that could challenge her academically and a place that supported her as a talented artist and musician. I was a busy single mother and needed teachers to reach out to me and let me know how she was doing because I wasn’t going to be able to attend every parent-teacher conference. And, though I was busy, I wanted to be involved and contribute my time for special events, fundraising efforts, and weekend programs.

Nyree wanted to feel safe, to learn, to make friends, to have multiple ways to express herself and to have that expression valued. She wanted classmates that would be open-minded and diverse. She looked for a school that celebrated every student’s individuality and creativity. She wanted to participate in activities and programs that matched her interests.

We both wanted a great school leader, someone who somehow always had the time for us and every other family.

As a parent and educator living in East New York, this is the kind of school I am creating for your child. This is the kind of leader that I aspire to be every day. These are the kind of teachers that I seek to hire and the kind of culture we are creating.

What I want for your child is the same thing I wanted for mine.

Welcome to our family!

-Jamilah Seifullah