School Overview


Highland Park Community School

  • New School DBN: 19K760
  • Grade Range Served 2014-15: 06
  • Grades Served at Scale: 06-08
  • Extended Day: Yes
  • Summer Session: Yes – for academic support and enrichment
  • Weekend Program: Yes
  • Admission: Unscreened, Priority for K171 Zone
  • Neighborhood: Cypress Hills
  • Address: 528 Ridgewood Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208
  • Shared Building: Yes
  • Site Accessibility: Not Accessible
  • Contact Name: T. Henderson, Parent Coordinator
  • Email:
  • Phone: 718‑235‑1785
  • Website:
  • Subway: J, Z to Crescent St
  • Bus: B13, Q24, Q56

Things that Make Us Different

  1. We are a STEM-focused school with an inclusive Arts component. Science Technology Engineering Art and Math = S.T.E.A.M.
  2. We offer a unique combination of challenging yet fun courses such as : Robotics, Coding through Video Games, Engineering Project Days.
  3. In every aspect of our school you will find a young person leading some portion of it or training to lead.
  4. Expeditionary and Experiential Learning components, which simply means we believe students learn best through discovery.
  5. Project-based semester long themes through which all instruction is aligned. This takes care of our favorite question: Why do I have to learn this?
  6. Technology! Used as a powerful tool to support all learners and foster 21st Century Skills.