Learning to code empowers our students to develop a growth mindset, and become independent problem solvers.
In our classrooms, students learn entirely through creating projects. Projects allow students to work on their critical thinking and problem solving skills while simultaneously picking up the hard skills of coding.

Students create games in Python, as well as work in many other tools and languages depending on what keeps them both engaged and challenged. They create projects not by using tutorials, but rather by learning to think critically and create their own solutions to problems.

​In addition to students being able to construct their own knowledge, project based curriculum also allows students to work at their own pace. It is the job of our facilitators to make sure that students find projects that are both engaging and challenging at the same time.

Teachers integrate coding into core academic classes. Students learn the core concepts of programming, then reinforce their coding skills through standards-aligned math lessons where they create simulations and games for statistics, probability, and geometry.  Students create projects with code in moments. Each project-based lesson culminates with students creatively extending and customizing their projects. Students learn graphics, animation, interactivity, are combined to teach students Python — a professional programming language.

After a number of Challenge Projects, students are given the opportunity to participate in Creative Projects. These are open-ended projects that allow students to combine various skills learned throughout a sequence of Challenge Projects.

Students are encouraged to pair up for Creative Projects, even with students not necessarily at their same level. This provides an authentic team setting for students to collaborate and pair-program on real software projects of their creation.

There’s also time in each class for students to present their Creative Projects to the class, giving them the chance to develop public speaking and pitching skills..