At Highland Park Community School, the uniform dress code is a part of our school culture. We believe that wearing a uniform helps to distinguish who we are as empowered leaders and bold thinkers. Research shows that a school uniform increases school safety by minimizing disruptive behavior, instilling and improving discipline, and helping maintain the focus on learning. Respecting the school dress code will build school spirit and decrease the unhealthy completion involving fashion trends.

Highland Park Community School’s uniform apparel is
exclusively sold at the school, excluding khaki bottoms
which can be purchased at Cookie’s, Ideal or any
children’s clothing store. You will be given an order
form to purchase gym uniforms & school hoodies.

El uniforme de Highland Park Community School es
Exclusivamente vendido en la escuela, excluyendo pantalón color
caqui. Que se pueden comprar en cualquier otro tienda como
Cookie’s o Ideal. Se le dará un formulario de pedido para comprar
el uniforme de gimnasio y la Suéter de la escuela.

The Highland Park Community School Uniform is as follows:

  •     Every student must wear a polo shirt with the Highland Park Community School embroidered logo. 6th/7th graders have orange shirts, 8th graders have an option of orange or royal blue. All students have the option of short or long sleeves.
  •     Students are to wear khaki colored pants. Girls have the option of wearing a skirt that is knee length or longer in addition to pants. Anything above the knees is in violation of school policy. Boys’ pants are to be worn at the waist.
  •     Students are allowed to wear the sweats, shorts, and t-shirts with the printed Highland Park Community School logo. Sneakers are to be worn to participate in physical education for your safety. Flip-flops or slippers are unsafe and not allowed as proper foot gear.
  •     The navy blue cardigan with the Highland Park Community School logo is optional for chilly weather. As is the navy blue pullover vest.
  •     Students may wear long sleeve shirts and sweaters UNDER their polo shirts or school sweaters.
  • Students are not allowed to wear hoodies over their uniforms unless it is hoodie with the printed Highland Park Community School logo.
  •     In warmer weather, students are allowed to wear khaki colored shorts that are knee length.

We expect that our scholars wear the school uniform and respect the dress code EVERYDAY.

All Payments Must Be Made In Cash
Todos los pagos deben ser en efectivo

Uniform Polo Shirt / Uniforme Polo $14.00
School Hoodie / Hoodie de la escuela $17.00
Gym T-Shirt / Camiseta del gimnasio $7.00
Gym Crew – Neck Sweater / Suéter de cuello
para el Gimnasio
Gym Sweatpants / Pantalones para el gimnasio $15.00
Gym Shorts / Pantalones cortos para el gimnasio $12.00