About HPCS

Our mission is to cultivate empowered leaders and bold thinkers that create innovative solutions to problems locally and globally.


After going through a rigorous proposal process and almost a year in planning our doors opened in September 2014.! Highland Park Community School is a new 6-8 middle school its 4th year of existence that is currently housed in the IS 171 building. We have 6th-8th grade students and we are excited to finally be at full capacity!

We are a project-based, STEAM-focused school. The acronym “STEAM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Sometimes we say the “E” is for ELA because without a strong background in literacy and critical thinking, students cannot be successful in STEAM careers. We ensure our content is aligned to real-world projects that our students investigate and find solutions to. Our 6th grade project is looking at the lack of access to fresh foods in certain communities and using that as the lens that frames their 6th grade curriculum. Our 7th grade project centers around examining access to clean, healthy water and explores water scarcity issues that we will face in the future. Our 8th graders explore innovation by selecting their own “Passion projects” and pursue a year long study of a social justice issue that matters most to them.

Courses: Our 6th graders have a fun and rigorous schedule with most classes meeting in 90-minute blocks. Their week consists of the state mandated requirements for Humanities (Social Studies and ELA combined) and Scimatics (Science and Math combined). They have daily Encore classes that include one of the following: Health, Phys Ed, Visual Arts, Theatre, and Mandarin. In addition to that students having a STEM course which includes Gaming Science (a video game coding class and Robotics and they also have Social Literacy, which explores history and social justice issues on a deeper level. We offer 8th graders the choice from three different regents courses: Living Environment, US History or Algebra.


At Highland Park, our students…

  • have regular access to updated technology resources across their classes,
  • are engaged through meaningful activities and rigorous, real-world projects
  • independently work online to research, submit work and maintain e-portfolios.
  • share updates on academic progress and accomplishments with their families, and
  • understand how quality implementation of technology looks like in school.