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Middle School Bullies

What is Bullying?

Bullying behavior is very different from conflict. It is behavior that is intended to cause some kind of harm.  It is deliberate and unprovoked. The person(s) doing the bullying purposely says or does something to hurt the target of his/her behavior. Bullying is repetitive teasing, making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. Bullying can take place in person, on the phone, or social media.

Why Do Children Bully Others?

Often times, bullying is learned or mirrored behavior. Children can be bullied at home by family members and reflect that same behavior in school.  Other reasons are lack of attention in the home, the longing to “fit-in”, poor self-esteem, and a deficiency of socialization skills amongest other things. Most bullies do not realize that their behavior is wrong and how it makes their victims feel.

Middle School Bullies

What WE Can Do To Prevent Bullying

Core values start in the home. Students who bully others, have often not yet acquired the ability to empathize with others. They need to build compassion and respect. Those same principles are aligned with our core values: Resilience, Empathy, Accountability and Leadership. We teach students through reflection and mediation to do what is right and be upstanding

leaders. They know that if they witness bullying and do not intervene or alert a staff member, they are contributing to the bullying just as much as the bully themselves.

In many events students are afraid to tell an adult at when they are being bullied. We encourage you to speak to your child daily about school so they feel comfortable telling you if there is a problem. You can start with a simple, “How was your day?”

Middle School Bullies

Consequences for Bullying

The Student Intervention and Discipline Code and Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities is a handbook that explains the expectations of all NYC students. It also notes the appropriate consequences for infractions.  The penalties for bullying range

from a phone call home to a superintendent suspension. When bullying situations arise at HPCS, students have a mediation with a staff member to get to the root of the problem and parents are notified. The issue is usually dissolved at that point. If it continues, we meet with the parents to educate and support their child against bullying.

To sum it up, Highland Park Community School has zero tolerance for bullying and we work extensively to teach all our students mediation skills to resolve conflict through open and honest discussions. Any case of bullying that is brought to our attention is investigated and handled accordingly. We rely on parents to help reinforce our core values core values and prevent bullying from occurring.