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I am a strong believer that students need to be active participants in their educational journey. The education that they receive in school should prepare them to thrive in the 21st Century. All students have different needs, and as a school, it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide students with the supports needed to ensure that they all meet academic success. Students should receive instruction that is culturally relevant, rigorous, and includes opportunities for students to problem solve, collaborate with their peers, and clearly communicate their thinking. The VILS Program will provide teachers training on technological supports that can be used to increase student engagement and enhance learning experiences. Students will benefit from this program because it provides them with easy access to information, it can accelerate their learning, attend to their varied learning styles, and provide fun ways for students to practice what they are learning. The over-arching goal of HPCS is to empower students to be leaders and bold thinkers that are prepared to be successful in the careers of the future.


T. Mitchell, Principal

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Our Core Values

Core values are a set of fundamental practices that inform how you conduct your life, both personally and academically. Our core values help us make important decisions towards growth.



Our community members know failure is on the road to success so we persevere when challenged.



Our community members recognize that they are global citizens connected to all of humanity based on our shared needs.



Our community members are vested in fulfilling their responsibilities in an excellent manner and are responsible for their words, actions and work to fulfill on the mission.



Our community members inspire others by being reflective, knowledgeable, empowering, visionary problem-solvers.

Stay informed on your child’s progress using Myschool

Myschools is an online platform available to both students and parents where you can view a student’s up-to-date grades and academic progress. Click on image bellow to login

What you need for Myschool

To register you will need a “Registration Code” from your Childs school. If you don’t receive your code or need a replacement, please reach out to us.

How to Register:

Click on the Myschools logo then on “Select Create a New Account” if you are a parent. Then complete the following:

Your email address (required for Parents)

Your prefix (Mr., Ms., Mrs. or Dr.) (Parents only)Your first name (Parents only)Your last name (Parents only)

Your child’s OSIS (9 digit school ID #)

Your child’s date of birth

The registration code (Parents)

If you have any difficulty signing into Myschools, please contact us.

528 Ridgewood Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Tel: 1 (718) 235 1785
Fax: 1 (718) 235 4190

Get in touch.


T. Mitchell


The education that they receive in school should prepare them to thrive in the 21st Century.”

K. Anderson

Assistant Principal

“When you learn, TEACH. When you get, give.” Maya Angelou

Our Team

Office Staff

School Secretary
Ms. Calzado
Parent Coord.
Mr. Patterson
Community Assoc.
Ms. Fernandez

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