At Highland Park Community School the uniform dress code is a part of our school culture. We believe that wearing a uniform helps to distinguish who we are as empowered leaders and bold thinkers. Research shows that a school uniform increases school safety by minimizing disruptive behavior, instilling and improving discipline and helping maintain the focus on learning. Respecting the school dress code will build school spirit and decrease the unhealthy completion involving fashion trends.

The Highland Park Community School Uniform is as follows

Every student must wear a blue polo shirt with the Highland Park Community School embroidered logo or the Highland Park Hoodie. Highland park t-shirts, MSSSC shirts and sweaters and Keeping It Real sweaters are not considered school uniform. These items can be worn on school spirit days. 

Students are to wear black pants or black jeans (no cut up jeans). Students have the option of wearing a skirt that is knee length or longer in addition to pants. Anything above the knees is in violation of school policy. Students pants are to be worn at the waist. Shorts are not allowed. 

Sneakers are to be worn to participate in physical education for your safety. Flip-flops, slides, slippers are unsafe and not allowed as proper foot gear. Failure to wear appropriate attire will result in a reduced participation grade for PE. 

Students may wear long sleeve shirts and sweaters UNDER their polo shirts or school sweaters.

  • Students are not allowed to wear hoodies over their uniforms unless it is hoodie with the printed Highland Park Community School logo, purchased from the school. Hats and hoods can not be worn on students’ heads at any time. 

We expect that our scholars wear the school uniform and respect the dress code EVERYDAY

For Remote Learning we strongly encourage scholars to wear school uniform shirts but we understand there may be days where this is not possible. 

Uniform List

Uniform Polo Shirt
School Hoodie
Gym T-Shirt
Gym Crew – Neck Sweater
Gym Sweatpants

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